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Catherine Loren Horan | Website

As a child, my father told me that he was from another planet. I knew that was not true but I thank him for his creative tales, which might have contributed to my artistic endeavors.

I attended art school and got a degree in advertising art. After marriage and raising two wonderful children, I continued my artistic callings. I studied calligraphy, children's book illustration, and taught myself the art of bead and jewelry making with polymer clay. For eight years I sold my creations at arts & craft fairs and stores in NJ, Florida and Martha's Vineyard, MA.

Now I love to paint, collage and create mixed media pieces. I belong to, exhibit, and volunteer at many local art associations in the Stamford, CT area.

Some how, despite years of lessons and artistic experiences I tend to retain a freshness of instinct - reimagining, twisting ordinary subject matter into new, surreal combinations. Characterized by a lively rhythm and a sense of humor, the acrylics and mixed media works come to life right before my eyes. A line becomes a recognizable shape. It some how attaches itself to another line, continuing to wind itself around the constraints of the canvas. Color gives the shapes organizational qualities and balance. I enjoy surprises while the process continues. I hope the viewer enjoys the choices I have made. If not - maybe I'll just head for that other planet!

Please feel free to contact me directly at artcll@aol.com