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Clair Koch | brascomp1@yahoo.com | www.clairkoch.net

Clair, originally from Brazil, now works and resides in Stamford, Connecticut. Before moving to the United States, Clair had been active in all aspects of the fashion industry from design, production, marketing and retail of her contemporary sportswear creations. Her keen and unusual fashion perspective, always full of color vibrancy, maintains her Brazilian heritage as a hallmark of contemporary "avant-garde" fashion.

In her Artist Statement, Clair further articulates: "Brazilian's embody a distinctive spirit that is reflective of their love for life and the intricate relationships within the elements of that spirit. In my works, I try to express my own perspective of the beauty of these intricate but simple associations. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish fantasy from reality. However, not wanting to be imprisoned by form or substance, it is through my labyrinthine of color and sensation that I hope to echo that exciting resonance of the vibrations from within... "

Represented by galleries in the United States, Europe and Brazil, Clair continues to explore new horizons. She is a member of the Loft Artists Association and maintains a working studio at their site in Stamford, CT.