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Judith Lambertson | jlart2000@hotmail.com


In all my work, I want to bring you into the immediate feeling of the landscapes I am seeing. To do so I express the motif with luminous color and simplified forms.

Compositions are painted in broad areas of color and objects are reduced to their essentials. Houses are stripped of descriptive detail. Space is flattened. Color captures the moods of nature, light and air. If the completed painting suggests an emotion or feeling to you, I have been successful.

My subject matter for the last several years has been the landscapes of Italy and Cape Cod, and recently seascapes of Marblehead and Cape Ann, Massachusetts. While on location I create oil studies to record my immediate visual sensations. These studies are painted quickly to capture the light: they are finished works in themselves and also serve as memory aids for the paintings done in my studio.

Please feel free to contact me directly at jlart2000@hotmail.com
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