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Jody Silver | jody@jodysilver.com

My path as an artist has been rich and fruitful. I studied art at Queens College, and got a Masters in fine arts at Hunter College. I have made prints and animated films, published children's books, taught animation and have worked as an illustrator. About eight years ago I changed course and started working in 3D.

With a band saw, scroll saw and other tools and found objects gathered from tag sales and flea markets, I began assembling. Some pieces fell into place with relative ease, but most emerge slowly. A piece of wood that in a previous existence had been a hat form, a second that had been a shoe tree, and a third that came from the curved back of a chair do not always easily accept coexisting with each other as parts of a perky dog. But when they do, it is magic. And so, old objects are given new life.

And now my art life begins again as my sculptures have become an inspiration for brooches and pendants which I carve in wax and cast in sterling silver.


Please feel free to contact me directly at jody@jodysilver.com