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Pierrette Wagner | pierrettewagner@gmail.com | Flickr

Underwater photography is, for me, less artistry than it is bearing witness to nature's miracles. With each dive, I marvel anew at the colors and textures of the sea; both the tiniest details and the panoramic splendor. Being able to capture some of these images has, over the years, enhanced my passion for the underwater world.

I grew up near Long Island Sound, became interested in diving during vacations in my college years, and became a resort diving instructor in the Cayman Islands after graduation. What was meant to be a six-month postponement of "real life" turned into a four-year career for me as a professional diver! It was there, with the luxury of limitless hours underwater in a worldclass dive destination, that I had the opportunity to learn photography.

I am no longer a professional diver, nor have I ever been a professional photographer (I don't know much at all about land photography), but I dive whenever I can, and taking pictures gives me a mission and a focus for my diving. It also lends an element of suspense and anticipation to every dive because, no matter how you might imagine a picture will come out, it is always a total, and occasionally a wonderful surprise!!!

Please feel free to contact me directly at pierrettewagner@gmail.com
For more images of my work, visit my Flickr page.